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Benefits of exact match Geo Domains

Your site’s domain name is the digital real estate or base, your whole brand is based upon. Premium domains are not difficult to recollect, type in and share. With a huge number of domain augmentations and in excess of 332 million enlisted domain names, premium domain names, similar to premium real estate, are dramatically expanding […]

How to choose a domain name that gets results?

Picking a domain name is like picking an organization name — it requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Your domain name is your character on the web; you need to ensure you pick a name that accommodates your business, but at the same time is not difficult to track down and promote. In […]

How to Buy Websites for Businesses — A Detailed Guide

What’s meant by Buying a Website? Buying a website implies buying an already functioning site and all that accompanies it: domain, content, traffic, design, and rankings. In doing this, you assume liability for the site, and typically the web hosting contract also. You can keep the agreement for what it’s worth or change to another […]

Art of flipping domains on Flippa

Today, as we all know, the market is becoming digital day by day. One of its parts is Digital Real Estate. It is basically a virtual which comes in various forms. Now, today people build their houses in different land pieces they have bought. After that, they find some renters to get at least half […]

Why should you invest in digital assets?

As we all know, today, our world is becoming fully digital. From the documents in word or pdf stored in the cloud, photos we click on our smartphones to the movies which we watch today online instead of theatres shows how digital assets are occupying our lives. People do interact with these digital assets hundreds, […]