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How to Buy Websites for Businesses — A Detailed Guide

What’s meant by Buying a Website? Buying a website implies buying an already functioning site and all that accompanies it: domain, content, traffic, design, and rankings. In doing this, you assume liability for the site, and typically the web hosting contract also. You can keep the agreement for what it’s worth or change to another […]

Art of flipping domains on Flippa

Today, as we all know, the market is becoming digital day by day. One of its parts is Digital Real Estate. It is basically a virtual which comes in various forms. Now, today people build their houses in different land pieces they have bought. After that, they find some renters to get at least half […]

Why should you invest in digital assets?

As we all know, today, our world is becoming fully digital. From the documents in word or pdf stored in the cloud, photos we click on our smartphones to the movies which we watch today online instead of theatres shows how digital assets are occupying our lives. People do interact with these digital assets hundreds, […]

Pocket Mobiles-Starter Site for sale in the Electronics industry

Premium Pocket Mobiles Blog with Unique Content & Premium design, aftermarket premium domain, No experience needed. New articles being added Frequently A Starter/Template Site is a brand new website. As it has recently been launched, it’s unlikely to have traffic, revenue, or page rank. Visit website here: https://pocketmobiles.com/ Buy website: https:https: //flippa.com/10742054  No experience needed. […]

Silent Evolution of the domain-name industry

Jon Postel and his colleagues at the University of Southern California’s InformationSciences Institute accepted the challenge. Postel trusted Paul Mockapetris to come up with a final solution based on a few of the existing propositions. Mockapetris instead invented the Domain Name System (DNS) in 1983 and was officially implemented a couple of years later. Paul Mockapetris expanded […]

Fully automated Premium designed website about everything related to Motorsports

Premium designed website about everything related to Motorsports. Fully automated. No experience needed. Runs 100% on autopilot, new articles and videos are being added every few hours. Visit website here: MotoAcademies.com Buy website: https://flippa.com/10533129-starter-site-for-sale-in-the-automotive-industry-alexa-7242604 website is built on the latest WordPress version, which means that it is very easy to use and completely beginner friendly. […]

How to make money buying and selling websites

Making money from buying and selling websites can be so intriguing due to its huge gain. However, it is also accompanied by some risks. So, for a newbie wanting to purchase a website, it is advisable to get a professional experienced in website flipping to assist you to purchase a new website. What is website […]

ToyBoy.info is for Sale on Flippa – Sold***

ToyBoy is referred to a male lover who is much younger than his partner. ToyBoy.info is a starter blogging website aged a month, currently listed on Flippa for sale. It’s a short six letters domain. Visit the listing here ToyBoy.info currently has 3 posts, as of 5th July’19. According to the seller, he has been adding […]