10 Places to Buy Expired Domains for Your Business

Expired domains or domains that have expired for a long time must be active at some point and may have been around for many years before they finally expire. This means that the work is done and that they have gained some good authority in their active days. If you are looking to buy expired domains but don’t know where, this blog is for you. Following are our hand-picked sites for buying expired domains.

Go Daddy Auctions 

If you know a thing or two about the domain name market, you must be familiar with the name by now. The platform lists all domains that may have expired and the number of bids that have been made, market price, traffic, valuation, and boxes where you can place your own bid to buy expired domains.

 Domain Hunter Gatherer

With Domain Hunter Gatherer, you can now find aged domain names and snap them up for just the cost of registration. No high costs, no annoying bidding process, just let DHG find your domains and scoop up all the domains you want.


For whatever reason, hundreds of domains expire every day. The domain owner forgot to update them or just didn’t want to continue dealing with them. If you are one of the people who understands the value of expired domains, public relations, backlinks, and SEO, Expireddomains.net is definitely your one-stop-shop solution. 


Another platform worth mentioning is Name.com, which has gained a lot of reputation over the years. It is impossible to ignore the wonderful reviews and image of this US-based company in the field of domain name registration. They provide a great list of expired domain names that can be purchased through a simple checkout process. 


Dropping.com is such a website, it brings expired domain names and an amazing buyer ranking. Yes, the website will ask you to specify whether you want a domain name as a domain investor, SEO / SEM expert, or website owner. 


This is another expired domain platform that provides the most needed domain name. Whether you are looking for a domain name investment or for development purposes, they can provide it all in a simple and wonderful way. We included this because its award-winning technology provides users with the best user-friendly platform for users to participate in domain auctions, backorder requests, and account information management. After all, we all need a reliable place to invest our hard-earned money. 


We included this on the list, but this is simply a portal to expire or dropped domains. With a payment policy, it’s process is straightforward. This means that you can view the domain details without registering with them. No registration required. Although the filter options are limited, the quick bees can definitely explore this. 


If you are looking for a platform that can provide you with a lot of detailed information, this is it. Whether you want to buy expired domains or dropped domain names, or soon to become expired domain names, and even domain names that have been sold, there is a huge list of domain names available. Domain-related blogs can even bring you convenience, which can effectively help you understand the type of internet space you need. 


This is the perfect way to find the expired domain name of your choice. Filters can be used to further simplify your search. Top-level domains are listed, you can view the available list. The continuous update of the domain is done every day, and with available updated tools provided; you can continue to perform necessary searches for expired domains. 

NameCheap Domains 

This is a healthy platform where you can find expired and new domain names. You can choose the domain name you like, make an offer and continue. There is a list of available domains; when they are closed, the same price, and the offer you can provide. Once you have a series of information, you can easily select the domain of your choice. 


We hope our blog might have helped you in getting an idea about a few platforms for buying expired domain names. There are thousands of such platforms out there, but we’ve selectively hand-picked those, which we think are best in business. Anyways, if you’re interested in buying other digital assets like premium domain names or readymade websites, then you should surely check out new arrivals of domain names and websites at our site. You can check them out at godomainers.com.