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Just $25 per domain, plus 10% or $250 success fee (whichever is high)
We 're the rising broker in the domain world

We're the rising broker in the domain world

With thousands of unique domain names with us and with something new coming up on a daily-basis, we at GoDomainers are your one stop solution for all your domain acquisition service related needs. We know what you want, and we’ll get you what you want.

unbeatable team for domain acquire

Unbeatable team

Our team members are professionals who have years of expertise in the domain world. They know how to strike the right price for the domain you want and which is the name that will fit your brand as well as your pocket.

Peace of mind from<br />

Peace of mind

Negotiating with different individuals for a domain name can be very hectic, especially when you have a thousand other things to do. It’s better to hand over that task to someone for whom such negotiation is a cake-walk. So all you’ve to do is, sit back and relax!

What Our Happy Clients Say

Quick and painless domain sale. Just a smooth domain sale for one I figured I won’t get around to using.

James Pooton

CEO, Codelica

Very successfully completed one domain name transfer, cooperated very well. They are reliable and prompt.



Robin was most helpful. This is my first website buy & he was very patient & kept me informed along the process as well as answering all my questions. I would highly recommend buying from Robin.

Sandy Orme


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How it Works

Dedicated Broker

Upon opting for our domain acquisition service, we’ll provide you with a dedicated domain acquisition broker to help you out in formulating an appropriate strategy and a budget for acquiring your desired domain.

The domain acquisition broker will deal for you

Our dedicated domain acquisition brokers will try to work things out with the domain owner, trying to fetch you the lowest possible price. (Worry not, your identity will be kept confidential.)

And you have the domain!

If the owner of the domain agrees for the sale, you’ll have to pay the negotiated sale price plus a 10% commission to us. Afterwards, the domain will be securely transferred to you. GoDomainers handle all the steps of the transaction, giving you total peace of mind. So just sit back, and relax.

Allow Us To Help You

Find The Perfect Domain.

With our Domain Acquisition Service
Finding the perfect domain name for your business can sometimes be difficult and you might end up compromising for a not-so-good domain name.

Allow our Brokerage Team to get you the right domain to propel your brand forward. We have a ton of domains for sale, so shortage of options is not an option!

To help you find the perfect domain
just a call away

We’re Just A Call Away!

Still not sure what is the name you want for your domain? Worry not! We’ll be happy to help you even if you’re not our customer. Let us help you with any trouble you’re facing related to domains. You can get in  touch with us at – (

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we offer in our domain acquisition service?
If you are looking to purchase a domain name that is currently registered by someone else, we can help. Our domain broker service offers you a dedicated domain broker to reduce a major chunk of work of yours i.e. Negotiation!
How does the domain acquisition service works?
The domain broker will get in touch with the current domain owner, negotiate a sale price within your budget, and facilitate the domain name sale transaction while keeping you anonymous. Our brokers are experts in the domain world and will do their best to ensure they get the domain you want, and that too, at the lowest price!
What do we charge for our services?

We believe in offering quality services at truly reasonable rates without any hidden costs. There are tonnes of platforms out there offering low-quality domains for thousands of bucks varying from customer to customer, but what we at GoDomainers charge for our high-quality domains is already fixed at just $25 per domain, plus 10% or $250 commission (whichever is high) and that’s it!

Does Domain acquisition service guarantees the acquisition of the domain?
Our Domain acquisition service guarantees a personal domain broker who will dedicate a maximum of 30 days to mediate a sale with the current owner. However we can’t guarantee acquisition of the domain. We will try our best to contact the current registrant and negotiate a deal for you.
What is domain buy service?

“Domain buy service” and “domain acquisition service” essentially refer to the same service and can be used interchangeably.

Both terms refer to a service where a company or individual helps clients to acquire a specific domain name. This could be a domain that’s already owned by someone else (in which case the service would negotiate a purchase on the client’s behalf), or a domain that’s about to become available for purchase (in which case the service would attempt to buy the domain as soon as it becomes available).

These services are particularly useful for businesses that want a specific domain name but find it’s already taken. Domain brokers have the expertise and experience to handle negotiations, understand the market value of domains, and can potentially secure a better deal than clients might get on their own.

In a nutshell, whether you call it a “domain buy service” or a “domain acquisition service,” the goal is the same: to help clients secure the domain name they want for their business or personal use.

How do I get my domain name back?
We will attempt to contact the current owner of the domain name and try to mediate a deal for you. However we can’t guarantee successful acquisition of the domain name.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the domain name back. It is always advised to renew your domain name on time.

How to buy taken domain name?
It can be Easy to buy take domain name. Reach out to us, we will attempt to contact the current owner of the domain and mediate a favorable deal for you.

Note: The Domain Acquisition Service guarantees a personal domain broker that will dedicate a maximum of 30 days to mediate a sale with the domain name’s current owner. While we cannot guarantee the acquisition of the domain name.

What if the domain name is taken but not in use?
No Worries! We got you covered. Our Domain Acquisition service is highly efficient in reaching out the current owner of the domain and negotiate a deal for you. However sometimes it is difficult to reach out to the current owner and in some cases impossible.

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