12 Ways to Pick a Great Domain Name for Your Business

business domain name

Choosing a business domain name is an important moment for any entrepreneur to start a business. Your company name defines you and your brand, and it will stay with you for a period of time. Just as your business name is your identity among customers, communities, and markets, your business domain name is your online identity. 

Your domain name is how web surfers find you and promote your business. So how to choose the perfect corporate domain name? Choosing nearly 8,400 domain names every day, how do you stand out? We’ll show you 12 things to consider when choosing a business domain name. 

Keep it catchy 

Choosing a top-notch business domain name is a balancing act. You want it to be memorable, something potential customers can internalize, remember, and send via email, text, phone, or even conversation. Hence you might want to go and look for short domain names for sale, that are catchy and fulfill other requirements as well.

Keep it simple 

But on the other hand, your business domain name should be simple. Long abbreviations, double meanings, numbers, hyphenated words… they can be busy and distracting. If potential customers are caught while trying to work through your domain name, you will lose a large portion of your traffic. Therefore looking for short domain names for sale can be a plus point for you and your website.

Keep it short 

Similarly, keep your company’s domain name short. Even if the best domain name you have at work meets all other requirements (it is attractive, simple and straightforward, but just a bit long), it’s time to look for some new but short domain names for sale as it is best to use a shorter domain name than a lengthy one.

Easy to pronounce

If about half of buying decisions rely on word-of-mouth marketing, it’s best to let people be able pronounce your business domain name to share with others easily. 

Make it obvious 

It’s great to have a memorable domain name – if the stars are arranged together and your business domain name is eye-catching and clear, that’s good for you! However, when in doubt, choose the obvious. You want your business domain name to be intuitive and easy to understand. Having a clever name may not fully appeal to your visitors, and you may miss out on grabbing their attention and conveying the work that you do. 

Determine Your Website and Business Goals 

If you keep the above mentioned five tips in mind when creating a business domain name, you can have a top-level domain name for your brand. However, when you study the linguistics of business domain names, be sure to re-examine your website and your business goals to make sure your work stays on track.  

Choose your extension 

Today, you can get business domain names with various extensions, that is, top-level domain names. With .com, .net, .biz, .org, .brand, .me, etc., you have to make an important decision when choosing a domain extension. In fact, there are hundreds of TLDs floating around. 

Check if it can be used on social channels 

Another pro tip for choosing a business domain is to consider how to use it online, not just on a website. If you want to appear on social media via Twitter username, Instagram account, or Pinterest account, please check if your website’s domain name can be accessed through social media username before locking the deal and buying it.

Avoid copying

Avoid using domain names that are similar to other companies. When you come up with your business domain name, now is not the time to imitate and use domain names similar to existing companies. When brainstorming your domain name, please make sure that you are not infringing on the copyrights of others. 

Think about keywords, but don’t just think about keywords. 

Keywords in business domains are very helpful from a search engine optimization point of view. So if you want to put keywords in your domain name, you can. Try to use the target keywords as comprehensively as possible so that you won’t close any doors in the future. 

Don’t marry a business domain name 

Up to now, you have gone through many steps and techniques to create a great business domain name. If you choose an absolutely perfect domain name, you might be surprised to find that it has been taken. Be prepared for disappointment and don’t marry just one domain name. 

Act fast 

Good domain names get sold quickly. When you have the perfect business domain name, act quickly! They are cheap, and you will avoid the disappointment of losing a great domain name that you spend time working on.


We hope these tips might have helped you in figuring out the kind of domain name you should pick. If you’re looking to buy a domain name for your website or online business but don’t know from where then you needn’t worry. We at Go Domainers offer numerous domain names that follow all and even more than the above-mentioned requisites. You can visit our website to know more.