Understanding Dynadot’s Recent Changes to their Renewal & Transfer Policy

Dynadot's Recent Changes

Greetings to all domain enthusiasts and readers!

On August 5, 2023, Dynadot sent out an email to its users detailing some pivotal updates regarding their domain renewal and transfer policies. Whether Dynadot is your chosen domain registrar or you’re keeping an eye on industry happenings, it’s crucial to be informed about these changes. We’ve broken down the vital details for our readers below.

What Changes Can You Expect?

Dynadot’s revamped policies will commence from September 18, 2023, at 00:00 UTC. Domains registered with Dynadot that are set to expire on or after this date will be subject to these new guidelines.

Renewal Changes:

Grace Period Adjustment: Previously, Dynadot provided a 40-day grace period for domain renewals after their expiration. This will now be shortened to 30 days.

Post-Grace Period Restoration

If a domain lapses the 30-day grace interval, owners still have a restoration option. However, this would be at the standard TLD restore price.

Late Fee Elimination

In a move that is likely to be welcomed by many, Dynadot is abolishing the $10 late renewal fee which was previously levied on renewals made post the expiration date.

Transfer Changes

Condition for Transfer Post-Grace Period: For domains which exceed the 30-day period post-expiration, if owners intend to transfer them, a prior restoration at the TLD’s restore price is mandatory. Only after this step can the domains be transferred out.

Seeking More Clarity?

Dynadot encourages its users and other stakeholders to connect with them for any queries via their official support channels. Remember, the email sent out on August 5th by Dynadot about these changes isn’t monitored for responses. Hence, for timely and accurate replies, it’s advised to approach them through their dedicated support channels.

For Dynadot users, these updates emphasize the importance of vigilance regarding domain expiration dates and the need to act promptly with renewals. Keeping oneself updated about policy amendments is essential to prevent unforeseen complications in the future.

Stay informed and continue smart domaining!