How The Domain Internet.Com Sold For Around 18 Million Dollars

WebMediaBrands, Inc confirmed the sale of its domain for $18,000,000.

As per the reports, has been sold to QuinStreet, Inc in an all-cash deal, which is yet to be approved by WMB board of directors.

The domain constitutes several important brands dealing with developers, Internet news, IT, technology and small-scale businesses.

Discernibly, the deal includes a number of reputed brands besides,,,,,, and are only to name a few. The Network is the parent brand that accommodates these aforementioned brands, while each of these brands uses its own website to operate. describes QuinStreet as “an online performance marketing company helps businesses target their would-be customer audiences by using its proprietary technologies and media reach to generate sales leads.” With QuinStreet purchasing the brand, the network is better disposed to continue its expansion.

QuinStreet, the publicly traded marketing company, will prompt the brand to touch new milestones, reaching the 15 million visitors record. At any rate, buying the brand is a lucrative deal, which will serve as a competent marketing tool.

WebMediaBrands will run its other important domains like MediaBistro and Network.

Domain business now is growing at fast pace, many people have now started investing on the domains and the websites as well. Digital is the future, online business is going to be the future real estate, that could change the way investment are done now.

Online business also decreases the work load, by the automation it offers. People are now more conscious and bothered about their business online reputation.

People are more focused towards quick growing online business, which is far more better than the tangible investments we have today. The domain investment was started way before we could even imagine.

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