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How to Buy a Premium Domain Name: Top Tips for Buying Domains for your Online Business

You have thought of an incredible thought for a site and you just need a decent domain name? A quick check of a WHOIS query site shows that the domain is accessible, yet you see a cost of $500 or even $5000 when you attempt to register it? You can get another .com domain for as low as $8.38, so why is the one you need so costly? 

You have most likely gone over a premium domain name. In this blog, we answer probably the most widely recognized questions in regards to these domains and how to find the best one for your website if you’re looking for some premium domain names for sale. Let’s dive into it.

What is a premium domain? 

There are two kinds of premium domain names. The first alludes to any memorable or significant domain name with high promoting esteem that is as of now possessed by an individual or an organization., for instance, was enrolled in 2001 and was sold for $30 million out of 2019. The name is short, simple to recall and has a high worth, accordingly it is viewed as a premium domain name. They are also known as aftermarket premium domains.

The second sort of premium domains is evaluated higher straight by the registry organizations that deal with the high level expansions. These domains have not yet been registered by any individual or organization. This is the reason behind why such domains show up as accessible for registration and on the off chance that you find them, yet their cost is a lot higher than a standard name with a similar extension. This sort of domain is regularly called registry premium domains

Regardless, you can undoubtedly check whether a domain name is a premium one by seeing its cost. In the event that the name costs essentially in excess of an randomly accessible name with a similar extension, then, at that point you have gone over a premium domain. On the off chance that you notice that the cost is slightly higher, doubtlessly someone registered the domain with the desire to sell it for benefit. The greater part of the registered domains that are available to be sold are not premium ones. 

What makes a domain name premium? 

There are no clear set of rules and standards for which domain will be a premium one. This is chosen exclusively by the registry, at their own tact and discretion. Regardless of whether a current domain will be premium relies upon its proprietor and the value that potential buyers will pay. So if you are looking for a premium domain for sale, you can’t exactly enumerate all the features you want, although a rough idea can always be figured out.

However, there are a couple of qualities that separate a premium domain name from the pool, everything being equal. They can give you an idea whether the value you need to pay is legitimized or not. So in case you are in search of a premium domain for sale, keep these following things in mind for sure.


The shorter the name, the better. Every one of the 2-and 3-letter domains are typically viewed as premium ones as they are utilized for abbreviations by different organizations, however longer domains can have high worth also. Most premium domains rarely comprise a higher number of words, however. 

Direct traffic

A premium domain name can carry extra organic traffic to a site. is an example of an exceptional domain name with another generic TLD that is evaluated a lot higher than a standard .store domain. As the short domains with the first TLDs have been consumed a large chunk of the day prior, the new TLDs permit site proprietors to get a short, single word domain for direct traffic. Normally .com domains are estimated higher, however, as many individuals will regularly add “.com” after the term they are searching for. 


This doesn’t really allude to the length. On the off chance that the domain can be utilized as a brand name, this can build its cost, regardless of whether it is longer. 

Search Engine Optimization

The right domain will frequently coordinate with the specific expression individuals look for on search engines . Then again, it can incorporate at least one keyword. Typically exact search phrases are valued higher. 

Buyer interest

A domain name may not look extremely engaging from the outset, yet in the event that it is being sold and bids get high, it can without much of a stretch become a premium domain. This is typically the situation if a recently established organization needs to secure an already existing domain that coordinates with its name or the name of one of its products or services. 


Buying a premium domain name can be a major investment, so you ought to pick cautiously if you are really looking for some premium domain names for sale. You should see whether the benefits of purchasing the domain exceed the burdens. Anyways, at GoDomainers, we offer a wide range of some amazing premium domains and websites for sale that too at affordable rates. So in case you’re looking for some premium domain for sale, you might want to check out our website as well.

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