How to buy a registered domain name from someone

How to buy a registered domain name from someone

If you’re looking to buy a registered domain name from someone, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure the name is not available and registered in their name. Second, make sure the price is fair. And finally, make sure the seller is reputable. To check if a domain name is available, use a domain name search tool like the one on You can also use a tool like to find out who owns a particular domain name.

Domain names are an important part of any online business. By owning An already registered domain name, you can ensure that your business is easily found online. In this blog post we will discuss how to get a registered domain name AKA how to buy an already registered domain name.

Use tools to find out who owns the registered domain name

If you want to buy an already registered domain name from someone, you can use a tool like Domainer to find it. You can also use GoDaddy Auctions or Sedo to find domains that are up for sale, you can also use tools like DomainIQ, and web archive to find out who owns the domain. Once you find the domain you want, you can contact the seller and negotiate a price.

Ensure the domain is fairly priced

To check if a price is fair, use a tool like to estimate the value of a domain name.

To check if a seller is reputable, do a web search for reviews of their business. Also, check out their website and contact information to make sure they are a legitimate business. It is recommended to use an Escrow service to securely carry out the domain transaction as it ensures the safe transfer of the domain before releasing the payment to the seller.

How do I buy a registered domain name from someone

Make sure that the seller is reputable and has a good reputation. There are many scammers out there who will try to sell you a fake domain name. Ensure the domain name is available for purchase and is not already registered by someone. You can do a Whois lookup to see if the domain is available. Also make sure that you are getting the domain name at a reasonable price. There are many domain name sellers who will try to charge you an inflated price for a domain name.

You can also hire a domain buy back service or domain register service to help you acquire your desired domain name. As it is always recommended to hire a professional who is experienced in the particular field.

Hire a domain acquisition broker

It is always advised to hire a domain acquisition broker to find the current owner. Negotiate a fair deal, as it ensures your identity is kept anonymous and they can help you get a better deal by using their expertise. Most business owners look for a domain acquisition service to get the domain in their desired budget, which turns out to be more cost effective.


Make sure the name is not available to register. Look for already registered domain name on websites like Dan, Sedo, and Afternic. Make an offer or Buy the domain right away. Sometimes the sellers are tough and they will not negotiate if they feel you’re not a genuine buyer or submitting a low ball offer. You can also directly send them an email using the tools to find out who the current owner of the domain is. Remember, negotiation is as difficult as finding the owner of the domain.