How To Buy And Sell Websites: Best Platforms That Make It Easy

buy and sell websites

Do you want to sell your website and turn all of your hard work into a large sum of money? Or perhaps you’re on the other side and looking to add a new website to your portfolio and that’s why looking for a website for sale? In any case, we’ve compiled a list of the three greatest platforms for buying and selling websites and other internet companies in this post. 

Some of these platforms specialize in buying and selling existing websites that earn thousands of dollars per month (or more). But others are more open marketplaces where you can acquire smaller sites that meet your needs. Basically, whether you’re wanting to buy/sell websites for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. This list has a suitable option for you. We’ll go through the different types of websites you can buy/sell, the costs you can expect, and how to get started with each platform.


It may be used for almost anything, and there are solutions for various budgets. For example, you might find a $1,000 website right next to a $600,000+ established site. However, because it is such an open marketplace, you may have to sift through some low-quality websites in order to locate the excellent things.

Flippa allows you to purchase and sell virtually any online business, including domain names. Website for sale Flippa may be used for blogs, websites, eCommerce stores, Amazon FBA stores, apps, SaaS solutions, and many other things. Flippa charges a listing fee as well as a commission on successful sales. The listing price for established websites is $49, and the commission ranges from 10% for firms under $50,000 to 5% for enterprises above $100,000.

All you need to do to purchase or sell an internet business is create a Flippa account. Some postings are public, which means you can immediately see the domain name and other crucial details. Others (usually the more expensive ones) are confidential, which means you’ll have to contact the vendor to find out more.

Empire Flippers 

Basically, if a site makes it to the marketplace, you can be quite certain it’s legitimate, which is why Empire Flippers sites tend to be on the higher end. For example, it’s not uncommon to see sites on Empire Flippers sell for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. At the time of writing, the cheapest site on Empire Flippers is still $15,000 or more.

Empire Flippers is applicable to any form of internet business. This covers websites that are monetized by advertisements or affiliate items, as well as eCommerce enterprises, Amazon FBA businesses, eCommerce, SaaS tools, and others. Empire Flippers has a tiered compensation structure: 15% for sales under $1 million, then gradually decreasing as the deals grow larger, with a cap of 2% for sales over $10 million.

If you wish to sell your online business, you must fill out a form and send it to the Empire Flippers staff. Again, they don’t accept just any website; instead, they aim to limit it to only high-quality online enterprises with legitimate figures. 

If you wish to acquire an online business. You’ll need to create an account and present your license as well as proof of your available finances to gain access to further information about listings. This is done by Empire Flippers to ensure that only genuine purchasers have access to thorough information about each firm.


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