How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

perfect domain name

Many business owners mistakenly believe that the domain name is just the address of their website. But according to us and many other experts, it is much more than that. So, when brainstorming domain names and looking for domain purchase online, you need to deliberately consider many factors. Here are 8 tips for choosing the perfect domain name. By following these simple guidelines, you can determine a smart and effective method for domain purchase online.

Why Is Your Domain Name Important?

Your domain name, like your company name or logo, is an integral aspect of your brand. Even if you’ve nailed your branding in every other way, if your domain name turns off potential customers, they’ll most likely look elsewhere.

Likewise, the inverse is true. People will be eager to check out and share your website if it is accurate and as much fun to say as it is to use. First impressions are important, and your domain may be the first time someone encounters your brand. It’s also difficult to modify your domain name once your website is up and running. You can do it, but it will take time and there will be consequences.

This can result in a loss of traffic and unneeded downtime. In other words, if you take your time now to come up with a name you like, life will be a lot easier.

Tips To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

Following are our hand-picked tips to help you in choosing the best domain name for your business.


Your domain name is your corporate image, in the form of a URL. So you have to make sure it sounds like a brand. How can you do it? It is simple, novel and memorable. You can avoid insertion of hyphens, numbers, or anything else that sounds unnatural and complicated. A good example is This domain name goes far beyond inferior options such as “” or “”. 

 Make it pronounceable

This technique is closely related to our first technique. Although users are unlikely to speak their domain name aloud, pronunciation is still important. This is due to the so-called processing fluency-our brain can easily process information. Names which don’t require one to think too much are usually the ones that are easiest to remember and most likely to inspire positive associations. 

Be short, but not too short. 

The key here is to strike a balance. Choose some short name, but don’t spoil your name by cutting out the entire part of the word. 

For the sake of brevity, many people consider using acronyms as their domain name. But it is usually only wise if your brand or product is represented by an initial letter. For example, you can find the WWF website on This is perfect for them, because their charity is widely known and referred to as “World Wide Fund for Nature”. 

Go after .com 

When it comes to extensions, being unique is not always better. Although newer extensions such as “.me” or “.pro” may look modern and gorgeous, “.com” is still the easiest to remember and the most widely used. In fact, 3/4 of the websites use the “.com” extension. 

If you cannot get “.com”, then use other known extensions, such as “.co” or “.net” or “.org”. But you should also plan to buy .com in the future. Of course, you need to check who owns the .com first. If a large brand already owns its preferred .com, it will not be able to buy from it in the future. Unless you have a lot of funds at your disposal.

Avoid Trademark Infringement and Confusion 

The ideal domain name is unique. It should not be easily confused with the name of another website or brand. After all, you don’t want any litigation at hand. If your domain name violates trademark rights, you can be sued and forced to give up the domain name. Before registering a domain name, you ought to check if it infringes on any trademarks. 

Immediately intuitive 

The ideal domain name should give users a good understanding of your business. For example, if a pasta business owner uses “” as a domain name for a pasta website, potential customers can immediately guess what they will find on the site (perfect pasta!). Your domain name should have the same effect. 

Use keywords wisely 

Using a few keywords in your domain name can go a long way. However, you should not lean back to include the exact phrase. Doing so will really hurt your brand. Our advice: Avoid using only generic keywords and phrases. Not only are they difficult to remember, but domain names based solely on common keyword strings don’t have the same SEO benefits as in the past. 

Add or modify as needed

Tried all the above tips, but in the end found that the domain name is unavailable? If you are single-minded about the domain name, you can add it or adjust it slightly to make it unique among the registries. 

Do not use hyphens

Using hyphens to achieve the domain name you desire may appear to be a novel approach. Regrettably, they’re difficult to describe verbally. They also make it more difficult to type the domain. Some people are likely to completely forget about them and end up on someone else’s website. When coming up with domain name ideas, try to stay away from anything that isn’t a letter. This involves the substitution of digits for letters. 

These small details make it much easier for people to forget and type the name incorrectly.

Avoid using double letters.

Using duplicated characters in a domain name almost guarantees errors. It’s difficult to read and even more difficult to type accurately when letters are doubled. If you make enough mistakes, you can end up with someone typosquatting your traffic. Furthermore, taking even a few seconds longer than required to find out how to spell your domain is a waste of time.

Don’t get analysis paralysis.

If you desire a domain name, chances are that someone else does as well. If you’re confident in your decision, go ahead and purchase the domain. This is especially true if the item is fairly priced. You can also let the registration lapse if you come up with something better later. You don’t want to get into a fight because you didn’t act quickly enough.

Use multiple domains to protect your brand.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Buy the shoe in every colour if it fits?” If the domain name is appropriate, purchase it in all TLDs. Even if you are able to secure a address, you should consider purchasing additional domains and setting up redirects. You may even purchase frequent misspellings of your domain name if you want to take it a step further.

Additional TLD-based domain name possibilities are available. This is also a good tactic to use on social media. Even if you don’t think you’ll use Twitter, if a good handle is available, you should take it. You’ll be prepared if you ever decide to use twitter, and no one else will be able to use that username.


We hope these 12 tips will help you find the perfect domain name for your website. If you are currently working on some domain name ideas, please feel free to share in the comments. We’d love to hear what you’re considering and we can help your business establish a thriving online image. If you’re looking for a domain purchase online then you can also check out our latest arrivals of domain names at our website.