was not just the domain sold for $35.6 Million

According to the sources, Quinstreet bought in total consideration, the price it paid, which is $35.6 Millions, was not only for the Domain.

Now the question arises, how much would it be for the domain? Was it the domain name purchase for the 35 Millions?

Well, as per the sources, it’s pretty clear, that it was just not for the domain, but for the Website, media and technology assets.

Looking at the history of the domain, used to run as an insurance agency, which used to sell policies to it’s direct customers. However, Quinstreet didn’t buy the agency. is a 9 letter domains, the keyword insurance has 55,600,000 broad searches with cost per click $13.21 and 2,46,000 exact searches with cost per click $33.91 on the monthly basis, as per the Estibot.

Having strong back-links, this domain seems to be a very nice investment for the long term and short term as well. However, the time will speak about the future worth of the domain, which should be even hire.

The Alexa ranking at the time of publishing this post is 97,348.

Quinstreet, doesn’t buys revenue, it rather buys media and turns it into the revenue. It is assumed that could return 20%-30% return on investment.

In response to an analyst question, Quinstreet is not only buying the domain, but it wants to build on existing content and platform.

Quinstreet seems to be a great domain, as the keyword associated to it has lot of searches and also it can bring a lot of visits to the website.

The domain names are purchased after doing a lot of research about the domains, especially, buying an expensive domain requires a lot of team research, it includes whether the domain is blacklisted, is it getting enough traffic, etc., was not created and sold overnight, it took a lot of hard work and dedication to increase it’s value.