The Best Way to Get a Premium Domain Name

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You are looking for premium domain names for sale, but the name you really want for your new business or product is already in use by someone else. Most likely the premium domain for sale you’re looking for belongs to an experienced domain investor (“domainer”). Sure, you’ve come up with the perfect plan to get hold of this premium domain for sale for $60. But that doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate a fair price for this desired domain? 

Follow these tips given below to successfully purchase the best domain out of tones of premium domain names for sale out there in the market.

Thoroughly research the seller 

Does the seller have a documented history of past sales? Do you have a blog or social media profile that can provide you with information about your reputation, views, and opinions? What is his favorite breakfast cereal? Any little information you can gather about the seller can help you negotiate. 

Research the domain thoroughly 

Like a used car, domains have a history of use that can affect your rating. And you don’t want to get stuck with a lemon! Fortunately, you can find out all about your past and determine how it will affect your future. Here are some things to check: 

  • Has the domain already been sold? If so, for how much? 
  • Has the domain ever been used to host a website or blog? 
  • Does the domain have a Google penalty or negative backlink profile? 
  • Does the domain name use a trademark name? 

Consider alternative domains 

You think you’ve found the perfect domain, but the seller doesn’t want to sell. Or maybe you want $ 1.5 million in cash. You should always consider alternative domain name options. Perhaps the plural version is as good a name as the singular; but you can get it for much less. Perhaps there are some alternatives that you should explore. As with any other purchase, alternative options allow you to buy at the best price. 

Investigate the availability of the social media profile 

Your new domain will be your brand name. You need to make sure that future social media profiles are available. You can use to quickly check profile availability for your new brand and instantly reserve identifiers from services like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others. It’s probably not a good idea to buy a brand domain when the proper social profiles have already been taken. 

Do business with an experienced broker. 

We know you are a huge DIY fanatic; You saved a lot of money by painting your house on your own. But it is always a good idea to buy domains through a domain broker that is well established in the industry and has established relationships with large domain investors. A good broker can close your deal for much less than the standard 10 to 15% commission rate. 

Consider trading under another name 

If you are famous (or infamous) and refuse to use a domain broker, it is a good idea to trade under a different name. Most domain investors will look for potential buyers; if they find their pockets full, they will raise the price. 

Making a reasonable first offer 

Most of the time, making a low-ball offer leads to: 

(i) You look like a complete jerk and/or will alienate the owner and end your chance to buy the name or 

(ii) The seller thinks you are naïve, what an invitation to test you! 

In any event, the outcome will not be favorable to your objective of getting a fair deal. While there is usually room for negotiation, your opening offer shows the seller that you mean business. 

Do not trade from “different angles” at the same time 

Fact – you are not the first to propose this scheme. Some domain buyers find it smart to negotiate between different contact profiles at the same time to get the lowest bid. However, this technique rarely works and will quickly backfire. Most of the time, the seller accepts multiple requests as a higher demand, and the price will go up. 

Complete the transaction safely 

When it reaches a reasonable price, do not randomly transfer money to the buyer. You need a secure transaction to stay safe from nefarious activity. Domain names are virtual goods; getting a refund can be difficult. To make sure you’re covered: 

  • Use a secure service like 
  • Write a sales contract with the buyer. This legally determines the purchase conditions and protects both parties.

Be patient 

Buying a premium domain is fundamentally different from registering it. You rarely reach a mutually agreed price right away. Sometimes this leads to success when you leave a store and “check in” with the owner a few weeks or months later.


We hope this article would have helped in you figuring out the best way to buy a premium domain name for your business. If you’re looking for premium domain names for sale then we’d suggest you to be vigilant and avoid making any rash decisions because it’s most probable that the premium domain for sale you’d like would be very costly. See whether it’s really worth the money or not, and then make your decision. That’s it for now, see you in the next blog, with some amazing informatic content.