The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Own Ready Made Website

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Own Ready Made Website

It might be intimidating for a web designer or developer to establish a business and give a ready made website for sale.

Not to worry. We’ve created this guide to help you understand the procedure from establishing your web development strategy to having the readymade website for sale. 

Remember that there is no such thing as immediate money during the procedure.

Building a consumer base and designing beautiful websites requires effort and time. However, be prepared to face the snowball effect once the business gets going.

How to build a ready made website for sale?

  1. Select a plan for business expansion.

    There are three methods you may use to plan your business. Your goals, hobbies, level of skill, and financial situation will determine which one you pick.

    First off, it’s simpler to start out as a freelance web designer if you don’t currently have any money to spend. You can offer to design and build ready-made websites for customers.

    Flipping websites is the second approach to selling them. The procedure is buying websites that are being offered below market value, improving their functioning and aesthetic, and then reselling them for more money.

    Finally, before putting your ready made website for sale, you might want to focus on managing and monetizing it in order to make even more money. Performing SEO procedures and increasing traffic to the site too. 

  2. Concentrate on a lucrative niche and a target market

    Choose a target market and a specialty before you begin developing a website or searching existing websites to flip. Consider the number of small company owners and establishments in the US alone as a potential market for ready-made websites for sale.

    The next step is to select a specialty after choosing an audience. You may choose one that fits your interests, such as music, travel, or photography. To facilitate sales, it could be more advantageous to choose one of the most well-liked categories in the present market.

  3.  Create or purchase your website

    You will require a website, which you may either build or purchase depending on your plan.

          Establishing a website

    You may easily develop a fully functional website using one of the various website builders available. The approach you use will rely on the requirements and preferences of your customer. Therefore, before accepting the assignment, you must let them know the tool of your choice.

        Acquiring websites to resell. 

    If you decide to flip websites, be careful to create a list of requirements for choosing which sites to buy initially.

    Find websites that:

    • Possess the capacity to develop
    • Choose your audience carefully.
    • may be made profitable through affiliate programmes and adverts
    • without penalties from search engines
    • Display a recognisable domain name
    • Upgrades are possible inside your

    If you want to monetize the websites you purchased, it’s crucial to upgrade them with special features that can boost traffic or revenue.

  4.  Make your website user-friendly for consumers.

    Your website has to be both useful and appealing to clients’ potential for a ready-made website for sale

    It’s better to sell on a mobile-friendly, responsive website that can adjust to multiple screen widths because approximately 52% of internet traffic originates from mobile devices.

    The website will appeal to current design trends if it has a simple layout. Additionally, a straightforward web design may enhance both the user experience and site navigation.

    Additionally, you may use the additional room for expansive photos and videos to make a strong first impression.

    Calls-to-action should also be obvious and simple to discover. To make them stand out from the background of the website, choose colors that contrast with it.

    Your website’s income and volume of organic visitors will both aid in luring customers. Having stated that, you must use the finest SEO techniques when creating keyword-rich content, graphics, title tags, and backlinks.

  5.  On a reliable site, locate trustworthy buyers.

    It’s preferable to wait two to three months following a website’s launch before selling it. In this manner, you may monitor the effectiveness of the website and choose an appropriate price for it.

    You may list the ready made website for sale on numerous sites after deciding on a price.

  6.  Increase the revenue from internet sales.

    Even if you may be confident in the price of your ready made website for sale, there are methods to obtain a better deal.

    Finding the long-term worth of your website is one method for doing this.

    You may utilize reports on traffic and revenue to forecast its future performance and raise the price. Statistics from social media accounts you use to advertise the website may also be included.

    The provision of thorough documentation on the operation of your website is another potent card you may use. The new owner benefits from having peace of mind.

    In case the buyer wishes to continue working with the freelancers or contributors to your ready- made website for sale, you should also include their contact information.

    Verify the site’s SEO again, and avoid using any black hat SEO techniques. The rules of service of search engines should be properly adhered to by the website, and it should not include any trademark or copyright violation.

  7.  Move the website and its resources

The platform could help you with the transfer procedure depending on where you are selling your websites.

However, if you’re on your own, adhere to this quick process to manually transfer your website to a new owner:

  • Change the buyer’s login credentials, contact information, and billing information in your hosting account.
  • If necessary, transfer your domain through your registrar.
  • Allow the new owner access to the site’s third-party services, such as Google Analytics.
  • Send additional associated materials, such as media files, icons, and content, by email or FTP to the server.


Overall,   a ready-made website for sale is a successful business. Even if it can take some time before you can close your first deal, stay persistent and know that your hard work will be rewarded.

Here are some other pointers that you might find helpful:

  • After purchasing a site to flip, upgrade to a better hosting service.
  • Create high-quality backlinks
  • Select an evergreen specialty.
  • Before selling your website, use social media to create a tiny community around it.
  • Look for websites with big sales and learn from them.