Key points to remember when you purchase a new Domain

purchase a new Domain

When choosing a domain name, it is important to help customers go beyond the mere URL of your website. In the coming years, domain names will become the backbone of the brand. Before registering a domain name, work must be done in advance to ensure that it meets the needs of customers in the long term. In this blog, we’ll see what’s the best way to purchase a new Domain and what are the key points one must remember while purchasing a new domain.

Key points to remember

In case you’re having trouble finding the best way to purchase a new Domain, to help you, here are 10 tips to consider before purchasing a domain name. 

1. View competitors 

View the domain names of competitors and customers’ industry leaders. Please note that the keywords they include and their domain extension – everything to the right of the dot (also called a TLD). Customers who run bicycle shops may find relevant domain names, including some bike, bicycle or cycle variants. 

2. Make typing and remembering easy 

Even if a website ranks well in searches, it’s still important to have a URL that customers can pass on through word of mouth. This can mean limiting creativity, because it is difficult to imagine and remember domains with oddly spelled words, multiple hyphens, or other characters, numbers, etc. 

3. Avoid jargon and pop culture 

Imagine if today you were trying to attract millennials by using the term “extreme” in the domain. You may be surprised by people in their forties, but your target audience may find your choice of these words ridiculously outdated. 

4. The shorter the better. 

As we just discussed, a good domain name is easy to remember, and shortening it helps a lot. If there are multiple words in the field, people will need to remember all the words and the order in which they appear, let alone spell all the words correctly. 

5. Look beyond .com 

At the time of writing, the average length of a .com domain is about 15 characters. Even if you break it down into multiple words, it’s a mouthful of water. Fortunately, the development of the Internet means that new domain name suffixes are regularly released, and there are now nearly 300. 

6. Verify the social media handles 

Before you register your great domain idea, take a few minutes to see if it has been used as a handle on the social media platform. Ideally, the customer’s domain and social media handles match to create a stronger brand. When you share all the cool things you are doing, visitors will be more confident to find your client online and will be more credible. 

7. Avoid the use of trademarks 

With all new domain extensions available, unscrupulous individuals may try to exploit the reputation of established brands. Imagine using the term nike to register a domain with the domain extension that just appeared, and then use it to market sports equipment that you want to impress your customers. 

8. Protect your brand 

Even if you register your good idea as a trademark, someone can imitate you without legal consequences. For example, an imitator from your client’s yoga studio may try to use a similar domain with another extension, and may abandon .studio in favor of other extensions. You can avoid bad actors by registering multiple variants of the domain you want to protect and then forwarding them to that attribute online. 

9. Hyphenation is an intimate address 

If the domain name uses two words, it may be tempting to add a hyphen to make it easier to read. The problem is, people may not remember the script and end up on someone else’s website. 

10. Same goes with numbers 

As with hyphens, if people are unsure whether they are using numbers or spelling numbers, numbers can be a dilemma. Most of the time, it is safe to assume that it is written, like two brothers or three roses. On the other hand, postal addresses or numbers in the year can present as many challenges as branding opportunities. 

Just register two domain versions, then forward one version to the other and choose to set the stronger domain as the primary address. You can easily overcome this problem. 

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